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choisir son futur métier, orientation professionnelle

Comment choisir un futur métier motivant ?

Vous êtes fatigués de perdre du temps sur internet à faire des recherches et passer des tests qui finalement ne vous aident pas à trouver une orientation ou un métier fait pour vous ? Vous souhaitez disposer d’outils fiables, qui vous aideront vraiment dans votre recherche et vos décisions, alors lisez cet article !

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Emmanuelle Rouaud, Coach et formatrice à Thil Ain - 01 Lyon

My Mottos

I have now chosen to share with you my mottos. All those positive beliefs and life principles, that helped me fulfil my pro and perso dreams.

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What it takes to organize efficient and inspiring meetings

You are in high school, college or at work. You are a manager, a project manager or a team member. You are in charge for organizing and facilitating meetings, live or remotely. You find it hard to make those meetings lively and efficient. Your meetings end up often late and you don’t know how to make sure people participate equally. Sometimes, there are too long and boring debates which lead to no decisions at all.
If you find yourself in one of those situations, I invite you to read the following article. It will give you clues to organize dynamic, inspiring and effective meetings in a respectful and kind atmosphere.

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Why and how team cohesiveness is essential at school or at work?

Are you a student in high school or college or a young professional? Do you have homework, case studies, presentations, workshops, or projects to manage together with your fellows? Do you have difficulties to make your point and contribute the way you wish when you are part of a team? Do you feel tensions, conflicts, people hiding what they think or feel? Do you find it hard to lead them properly and work efficiently? Do you find it tricky to foster inspiring team dynamics?
If yes, I invite you to read this article. It will help you to find answers and learn to better cooperate and work together, in a trustworthy and kind atmosphere. It will help you find keys to become a more performing and effective team.

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How Emotional Intelligence (EI) will help you in your future job?

Are you a student in high school or college or a young professional? Do you think you have chosen an education that suits your main interests? Have you acquired knowledge and hard skills to be able to work in this field? Do you still sense you are somewhat missing something to feel truly comfortable and included at work? At school, you learn concepts and know-how. What about soft skills? What about learning to identify, understand and manage your emotions? What do you think of a professional who looks self-confident, self-driven, and express him/herself respectfully and assertively towards other individuals, considering their opinions and emotions? Don’t you think this professional manages stress better, takes decisions more effectively and nurtures high quality interpersonal relationships?

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What does it take to be more efficient and enjoy online courses?

Are you in high school, college or working from home? Do you sometimes have the feeling you are wasting your time, you are bored, and you lack focus during virtual meetings? Would you rather take your courses in a classroom? Do you already feel a lack of enthusiasm before connecting?

Then, this article is for you. It will give you insights and keys to better cope with online fora.

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How to build a career plan when my future job has not been invented yet?

You are a student in high school or college, and you do not know what to reply when those questions pop up: “What are you going to do next year? What are you going to study? What will your future job be? “. Do you not know yet what your ideal career is? Does it confuse you when you get all types of advises around the matter? Do you find all those pre-set jobs’ lists inadequate, obsolescent, outdated? Do you find yourself lost when you look at the market today and what new jobs could be created in the coming years? Yes? Then this article is for you. It will turn your doubts into clarity and will offer you the opportunity to build a concrete action plan, highlight key steps and prepare you with practical tips.

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